“Our intention was to collectively birth a template for others to expand their knowledge and skill as Evolutionary Dowsers. Through the sharing of this informational platform, we see the possibility of exponentially raising the vibrational field of our individual heart, homes and surrounding habitat, while restoring and amplifying our healing, light and love on our beloved Earth.​”  

~Sacred Evolutionary Dowsing Consortium










On January 5, 2015, under the the influence of a full moon, a group of Dowsers felt a calling to participate in a sacred circle of twelve, following an ancient, yet evolutionary, “12 around 1” model. It was the first of 12 months where they focused on collectively weaving and harvesting their wisdom with the full knowledge that together they were greater than the sum of their parts.

What is Dowsing?

Dowsing is an Ancient Science and Evolutionary tool, that allows us to gather information not available to our conscious mind. It is a journey beyond our five senses. Dowsing brings visibility to that which is invisible.

Dowsing raises the energetic frequency in a home, business or school environment, clearing away all natural and unnatural stressors. These stressors, unknowingly, cause environmental densities, which create ill health, relationship conflicts, lack of individual resonance and affects financial flow. Evolutionary Dowsing activates ones personal awakening to the power of place, both inside and out.

As environments are dynamically shifted through Dowsing, these static free spaces, support optimal healing, enlightened experiences and create greater harmony in all relationships, including our innate relationship with our beloved Earth.